private label coffee & tea

since 1997.

We source various origins of coffee and are always looking for these type of coffee of excellence that makes coffee geeks love coffee. Wether the origin is from Africa, Asia, South or Central America, or Australia, we will always cup and taste profils of new arrivals and check if their quality is excellent.

We prefer sourcing Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade or Organic for a better durable world.

After selection and cuppings we will mostly medium roast our single origins and grand cru into perfection by a slow roasting process

We have a range of about 45 different origins packed in 125 or 1000 gram on stock.

Single origins Africa


The birthplace of coffee in our vision produces the most exotic coffees and it’s no wonder that words like ‘Berry,’ Merlot ‘and’ Orchid ‘are chosen to describe their flavors and aromas.

African Coffees are perhaps the most engaged and bright stars in the world of Single Origin Coffees:

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Peaberry
  • Zimbabwe AA + Pezuru Estate
  • Estate Rwabisindu Rwanda fully washed
  • Yemen Mocha Matari
  • Kenya AA Top Superstar Estate
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Estate

Latin America

Single origins Latin Amerika

Our Latin American Coffees present delicate and intricate flavors within a ‘Mild’ cup. Usually they have a medium body and medium acidity coated with chocolate and caramel notes. If you’re seeking a nuanced cup with room to explore constantly each sip, you’re in the right region.

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallendorf Estate
  • El Salvador Cup of Excellence 2011 Beans
  • Costa Rica Cara Colli Los Manantiales
  • Finca Fidel
  • Peru Organic Alto Mayo
  • Rainforest Brazil Cerrado Fazenda Cachoeirinha
  • Rainforest Alliance Guatemala Palatnillo Estate San Rafael Pie de La Cuesta
  • Rainforest Alliance Colombia Kalachu Santander
  • Galapagos Island El Cafeltal San Cristobal
  • Panama La Esmeralda Gesha
Single origins Asia and Australia

Asia & Australia

The high altitude, tropical climate, and rich soil of the Pacific Islands lends our Indonesian coffees their nutty, herbal characteristics:

  • Kopi Luwak
  • Mr. Everest Himalayan supreme Shade Grown
  • Organic Indonesia Gayo Mountain Fairtrade
  • Australian Skybury
Single origins Packaging


Grounded or bean coffee

125 - 250 - 500 or 1000 gram bags.

Vacuum valve cathedral top.

Colors: gold -silver - white - black - reddish brown.

Expiry date: 18 months

We pack in special vacuum valve foil with standard legal information as batch number, expiry date and net weight.

Labelling done online starting from 200 kgs orders.

Assistance by our in house graphic designer to develop your own foil or label.