private label coffee & tea

since 1997.

Our espressos are always a blend of carefully selected beans from different regions, slowly (13 - 16 minutes) drum roasted (206 - 210°C) into perfection.

We prefer sourcing coffees with Rainforest Alliance, organic or fair trade certification. Mainly we source African, Central and Southamerican arabicas, washed arabicas, but also unwashed in order to obtain consistent crema. Also spicy Indonesian espresso make part of some blends. Our roastery installation disposes of a double destoner in order to protect your grinder.

We offer a range of about 20 different standard blends with various ratios of arabica and robusta. Italian style, dark roast, medium roast, Scandinavian style espresso or French style espresso.

With one of our espresso wee have won the barista Latte Art world championship 2009, these blends are always in stock.

On demand we create your very own personalized espresso blend, that will be chosen by you after some cupping and tastings.

espresso packaging


The espresso’s are available in 125 - 250 - 500 or 1000 gram bags.

Vacuum valve cathedral top.

Available colors: gold - silver - white - black - reddish brown.

Expiry date: 18 months.

We offer in special vacuum valve foil with standard legal information as batch number, expiry date and net weight.

Labelling done online starting from 200 kgs orders.

Assistance by our in house graphic designer to develop your own foil or label.